A Door To The Peace: Japanese Design Philosophy Kanso

Who wouldn’t dream of a calm, peaceful environment at home? We want to create a serene place for ourselves to break from the tiring crowd and velocity of the city. Here is one of the methods you can use to make this place, Kanso. It means simplicity and purity in Japanese; Kanso is a design style that considers energy flow in a room.

This concept, which is one of the seven principles of Zen philosophy, wants to remind us imperfection of life and the impermanence of things. The simplest way to apply this style is to eliminate unnecessary things and create large, hollow spaces, which the Japanese call “ma.” For Kanso, eliminating clutter has a therapeutic, liberating aspect, and it increases the value of the products you use. Rather than disappearing in-crowd, the furniture becomes apparent in the space while exhibiting their beauty without limitation.

The easiest way to apply this style is to as yourself, “What do I truly need?”. Using empty corners and using natural, simple products to evaluate uncomplicated and useful spaces will make you live in Kanso’s feeling. Another factor for creating peaceful places is color. Although beige, cream, and wood tones are the most prominent colors of this style, combining matte details such as red or blue with those will be enough to bring joy into your home.  You can use house plants while applying Kanso philosophy, which is inspired by the peace of nature. Highlighting the sunlit areas in your home will also give your space the feeling of serenity.