Add Vitality To Your Home With 2021 Decoratıon Color Aegean Teal

The decoration color for the next year has been announced! This color, which is Aegean Teal, ready to bring the unique Aegean spirit to your home. Get ready for the Aegean Blue, which opens up a fresh window and adds color and depth to your living spaces.

This color, which used to be common for home textiles and decoration products, will appear in many places from kitchen cabinets to furniture in 2021. You can easily apply the Aegean Teal on your room walls to create a natural harmony on the place. This color, which balances and calms its surrounding, can also be used to highlight areas to give attention.

The real magic of the Aegean Teal is its combining effect of vitality and calmness. This makes it compatible in every corner of your home, from bedroom to kitchen, from living room to vestibule. We wish 2021 to make you forget all the difficulties of 2020 with a relaxing and refreshing effect just like the Aegean Blue and wish all of us a colorful year!