Bring A Natural Touch To Your Home With Biophilic Design

The biophilic designs are the latest trend in home decoration, that combines nature and architecture…

Especially during the pandemic, when we started working from home, we better understood the importance of being in touch with nature. We also noticed the power that home decoration adds to our lives these days when our moral collapse and our stress level increased. The biophilic decoration trend, which includes nature in our home, has started to rise, especially when we use our homes both as living and working spaces and spend much longer than usual.

With a few simple biophilic decoration suggestions, you can create the feeling of being in touch with nature in your home. For this, firstly;

Allow maximum daylight to enter your home. Arrange your study, reading, and sitting areas close to windows.

Use your walls as canvas and bring the nature view into your home with large landscape photographs or botanical wallpaper.

The plants you add to your decoration, whether in pots or as a vertical garden, will help you breathe better air.

Natural wood furniture with natural shapes and patterns, wooden framed mirrors, or cut wood coffee tables can be ideal choices.

Just like natural wood, you can add a pleasant natural atmosphere to your decoration with materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, linen, stone, rattan, and wicker.

You can also highlight the biophilic trend with color choices by using palettes such as the relaxing greens of a forest, the gorgeous tones of the sun setting after the sea, or the earthy colors.