Colors And Their Meanings That You Can Use In Your Homes

We spend most of our lives in our homes. For this reason, a person needs to organize their own living space by their wishes. Colors also come into play at this point. Although it is an important point which color to paint the walls of our houses or which colors to place in our houses, we can turn our living spaces into places that are much more peaceful for us with the right color choices that we will make.

2022 Pantone Color “Very Peri.”

Pantone’s ‘Very Peri’ color, announced for 2022, has been described by Leatrice Eiseman, an American colorist, as one of the ‘happiest and warmest’ shades of blue.

It will be a good option for us to use this’ happiest and warmest’ blue tone in our homes. We can add a different atmosphere to our homes by using this color in accessories that personalize our homes.

In addition, this color was expressed by Eiseman as a color that symbolizes the future.


Its white color adds a clean and spacious look to the environment. You can get a much more beautiful look when you support the white color that you can use in many parts of your home with different colored items and decoration products.


In addition to the fact that black is a solid color, it will help you increase your concentration when you are in the areas where you use this color. However, too much use of this color can create a depressed and suffocating space because it may be helpful to to be careful when using black color.


The yellow color that you use in your homes adds a warm touch to your living spaces, while you can enjoy the time you will pleasantly spend in your homes.


Orange is a color that gives happiness and energy, but when this color is used a lot, it can cause a distracting effect. For this reason, it will be much nicer to use the orange color in accessories than to use it in large areas such as walls.


The green color that you often see in nature is the color of calm and tranquility. That’s why using the green color in your living and bedrooms will create a beautiful effect. Plants, accessories, and some of these colors that you can use on your walls will give you confidence and cause you to have a much more peaceful living space.


Pink, which is the color of love and compassion, creates an intimate effect on the surroundings. Especially this color, which you can often use in your accessories, will make you happy and help increase your energy.