Pick The Right Headboard For Your Bedroom

Picking the right headboard seems like a pretty simple task, but it is a big purchase so it deserves a little extra attention.

Some people start by picking out their bedroom furniture and then selecting a headboard to match and that’s a great way to get started. Choose your bedroom furniture and then select a headbaord that works well with your bedroom style. Will you choose something rustic in reclaimed wood or go romantic with a high, upholstered and tufted headboard with a nailhead trim? You decide!

If you like to read, watch TV, or just generally hang out in bed, choosing the headbaord first might serve you better. Think about what kind of back support you like to have while you’re in bed and how much support you want to get from pillows and cushions. An angled headboard might be the right choice for you if you don’t want having lots of pillows. If you’re tall, a taller headboard with plush padding will ensure you’re comfortable.

Visualize what you want your bedroom to look like. A lot of interior designers start with a single inspiration piece, If you have one of these items in mind, picking out your headboard is a simple matter of finding something that plays nicely with the inspiration piece you’ve selected.